Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A journey to remember…

I received this poetic entry by Charity Luce about Furnace Encounter. I thought I'd share it here. Enjoy:

It began with a dream in the hearts of 12, around a childlike rendezvous. Prayers, loves, and ideas were offered humbly to the adored one with high expectations and souls w i d e o p e n.

Several trailers, a laughter-salted road trip, and roughly 130 registrations later, the epic gathering met in curious hope.

Prayer. Adoration. Blessing.

They washed the dust from their feet and hearts… love was a participant this expectant evening.

Fire raged in the night as the lovesick met at what would seem like ungodly hours in the night, prayers scrawled on heartfelt, homemade alters shaped like canvases.

Sleep was scarce while worship overflowed in beautiful medleys of honest affection.

The dawn awoke to the cries, the prayers, the whispers of passionate tongues alive through the night.

Whilst males strived fervently for manhood, scaling cliffs and engaging battles of the heart, the women waged their own wars with cries of freedom and
of beauty.
They gazed into the image of the father and found themselves in his eyes of adoration. Wholeness was the gift bestowed this morning, to women and men alike.

Later, in the stillness of the noon-washed mountains, silence was beckoned into their presence. The people watched and waited for whispers of Truth and visions of Life. Some were strengthened by these gifts, others by the patience and faithfulness cultivated within them.
And then the Word came,
welcomed by exposure and persistent study and ardent discussion, awakening thirsts for the powerful voice of the LORD-- captured in frail language, in leather binding, tree-burning pages, and ink symbols.
was allowed through their doorposts,
thank the Source.

The evening was soon upon them, by candlelight they danced unbound—for forgiveness, for restoration, for the Spirit, for devotion, for the return of the Most High.

Release, abandon, organic joy arose among them. Celebration was the order of the day. By the flames they rejoiced in the midst of hearts on fire.

Sleep still ran scarce, and worship still flowed gratefully and abundantly through the late hours and wee hours.

The later morning hours also found a grateful people, encircled so that each could see the other’s countenance—humbled, brightened, strengthened. Repentance and responsiveness were the activities engaged upon. Stories and legendary moments passed and passed from mouth to mouth.

“Praise my Healer. Praise the One who loves. Praise the One who holds us. Praise the One who is coming back…”

The beginning of
abundant life-worship signaled the end of an
abundant elope-of-a-gathering.
Life is upon us. Worship is who we are.


February 1st, 2009

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