Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nuggs Night!

From Chris walking onto the court asking to take a shot during warm-ups to Kenton and crew sneaking down to the lower bowl during the second half, Friday nights Nuggets game was a blast!

About 30 of us ventured to Denver to watch the Nuggets take on the Warriors. We had an incredible time doing the Nuggets dance (thanks Drew, Matt, and Adam) and all wondering what our free hot dogs were really made of. I was impressed by the basketball knowledge dropped by the ladies that came as well. They seemed to really know their stuff.

It was a game full of thunderous dunks, a few "throw it down big man" moments and ca-cawing for the Birdman!

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the Nuggets victory, but in the end my favorite moment had to be when Chris actually got that shot that he asked for...A-I-R B-A-L-L!

p.s. Thanks for the pic Kenton and I'm sorry for sniping your other one.

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