Sunday, April 19, 2009

Furnace Tour - Nights of Desperation

Tour has been amazing so far! We are currently taking respite at the International House of Prayer. I love what God is doing here and being in the prayer room.

This has been an incredible trip so far. On Wednesday we were at Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, Texas. They are fresh into their incredible new facility. This was actually only the second week that the youth had a meeting in the new auditorium. What a night! God really challenged our hearts as we cried out for Him to move in student’s lives. It was fun to see how much love their was in the Furnace students hearts for young people that they had never met. They worshiped hard and prayed even harder! It was an incredible start to the tour.

On Thursday we traveled to Gateway Church's campus in North Richland Hills, Texas. Ben Pirtle and his team are doing an amazing job there. I was blown away by the level of passion and fervency that so many of these students possessed. They jumped right in and we all went for it together. It was fun to connect with our new family.

On Friday we hung out with our old friends at Hope Community Church in Springfield, MO - Quick shout out to Justin Chandler! The Lord led in such a powerful way through Jon Egan and the Desperation Band on Friday. Worship was intense; it was powerful to join together and behold our King. I was also amazed by the stories that Furnace students came out with about heart change in students from the beginning of the night to the end. There were a number of youth groups that came out on a Friday night to pray and worship; what a testimony that God is moving in young people's lives!

Tonight we are in Olathe, KS with Life Church and Pastor Greg Hall. I cannot wait!!!

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