Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2009 Desperation & Furnace updates

We just got done with an incredible conference season. Desperation was absolutely amazing. Thanks to all of you that helped in any way!!!

These might have been some of my favorite Desperation Conferences yet. Worship was thick and the students response was awesome.

The theme was Light Up the World. The weekend started with a single candle on the stage as we sang "There is a light that shines in the darkness" by Delirious. It concluded in the same way, but with each student holding up a light - it was awesome!

One of the real practical ways that God brought the theme to life This summer was through a spontaneous offering in order to build an orphan home. The students sacrificially gave over $60,000 and through a partnership with a local businessman we will be able to build three orphan homes. It was incredible to witness! It was completely a God-thing.

It is on to Furnace time and I wanted to let you all know that God is really stirring some incredible things here! I have more anticipation for this upcoming year then ever before.

In the book Red Moon Rising the author states, "We don't want to withdraw people from society to live in spiritual bubbles of perpetual prayer; rather we want to immerse ourselves in society, having immersed ourselves in the Spirit - in the world, and yet full of God and overflowing."

I believe that this statement is what the Furnace has always been about, but God is moving and giving even more vision to be this kind of people.

Finally, I wanted to let those of you that are in town know that we are going to be having the Furnace Gathering this Thursday. Justin Steinhart is going to be speaking...any of you that know Justin know that you do not want to miss that!
Oh, one more thin - we updated the Furnace website. Check it out at

I pray that your heart is alive in God and that you are ever growing closer to Him!

Much love,

Dan Perkins

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