Friday, December 18, 2009

Furnace Prayer Room

In the Spring of 2009, theFurnace began experiencing some of the most incredible prayer meetings since we started in 2001. I have never seen so many healings in our community, so many immediate answers to prayer for Furnace members, so many tangibly experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was truly an amazing season.
This past semester we have had the opportunity to experience a completely different kind of prayer. In October of 2009 we started theFurnace Prayer Room in the World Prayer Center. In addition to the daily prayer meetings, theFurnace started praying every day from 6-12am. There is now a room in the World Prayer Center littered with prayers. Some written, some sung, some painted, all contending for God to move in this generation.
In this room there is a wall with a list of names of people that have not given their lives to Jesus. We are committed to praying for each name on this wall. As I have started praying for these people my heart has started to break for the lost like never before. It blows my mind how many people our small community knows that are not living for the Lord. Hundreds of names are listed on this wall, but a handful of names have been crossed off! These are people that we have been praying for over these past few months that have given their lives to Jesus. Oh the celebration!
Another wall bears needs of people that we know. One section of this wall asks for prayer for a friend with cancer. Written over top: HEALED! There are others just like that. And there are some that we are still praying for. We have seen God answer prayer and we are contending for him to answer others. We are praying for the lost, for America, for this generation, for the nations and for the hastening of His return. Worship songs are being written, prayers are ascending, and we are being called to become the answer to those prayers.
It is exciting to be a part of this and see God move in real ways. We’d love to invite you to be a part as well. We are going to continue going 6am-12am. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll go 24 hours a day! Sign-ups are available for anyone that would like to carry an hour in the prayer room. Just go to and click “Member Login.” We’d love it if you want to jump in and be a part.

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