Saturday, March 20, 2010

Revival Prayer Tour

“God does nothing but in answer to prayer.” – John Wesley

Throughout history God has moved when his people pray. It started in Acts 2 and has continued right up to the present. I have heard about powerful moves of God and revivals and deeply desire to see God do it again in this generation.

I am getting ready to head out on a Revival Prayer Tour with leaders from the Furnace and DLA. We are going to spend the next two weeks in Germany and the United Kingdom. The purpose of this trip is to visit some of the most vital revival locations in our history and contend for God to move in our generation. It is not that we desire the same style of revival, but the impact on souls saved, lives changed, and the kingdom advanced. I pray that as we walk and pray in these locations the burden that drove great men and women in history to pray and experience revival will be in each one of us. We will be having prayer meetings, prayer walking and interacting with on the ground missionaries and ministers at each place.

Please partner with us in prayer as we contend for God to move in a real and powerful way in our generation.

Here is a list of our itinerary:
Sunday, March 21st: Depart DIA to Berlin
Monday, March 22nd: Arrive in Berlin
Tuesday, March 23rd: Travel to Wittenberg, Germany (locations of Luther’s posting 95 Theses)
Wednesday, March 24th: Travel to Herrnhut, Germany (locations of Moravian prayer movement)
Thursday, March 25th: Spend the day in Herrnhut, Germany
Friday, March 26th: Travel to Berlin, Germany (working with European Initiatives and Church on the Way)
Saturday, March 27th: Berlin, Germany (working with European Initiatives and Church on the Way)
Sunday, March 28th: Berlin, Germany (attend Church on the Way; connect with families from the church)
Monday, March 29th: Travel to London, England
Tuesday, March 30th: London, England (prayer walk areas involved in the Great Awakening, Aldersgate, Fetters Lane Society, Metropolitan Tabernacle, Kennington Commons)
Wednesday, March 31st: Travel to Oxford, England (Holy Club; home of authors CS Lewis and Tolkien)
Thursday, April 1st: Travel to Loughor, Wales (Home of Evan Roberts; involved in Welsh Revival)
Friday, April 2nd: Travel to Berlin, Germany
Saturday, April 3rd: Return home

Almost ten years ago the stories of the Moravian prayer and missions movement and the Holy Club at Oxford University had a great impact on the formation of the Furnace. It is going to be exciting to go to the places where these stories took place.

The Reformation, the Moravian prayer and missions movement, the Great Awakening, and the Welsh Revival have all had an incredible impact in advancing the Kingdom of God. I’d encourage you to take some time to look up and read the stories of these historical revivals. Let’s pray for a burden to be in each one of us to see these things happen again!

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